Cowl Neck Warmer for Women, Toggle Leather Clasp Scarf, Women's Scarf, One of a Kind, Fringe Cowl

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Fringe Cowl Wrap for Women - One of a Kind
For the women that "just did her hair and doesn't wanna throw a scarf over her head!"
One Size
One of a Kind Fringe scarf 
Ready to ship - 1-2 days processing

Whether you're sitting fireside on a chilly day warming your toes with a fabulous library book or getting ready for your afternoon card club, stay warm and cozy in this fashionable toggle button cowl scarf.  It'll not only keep you toasty warm, but your hair will stay in place as you continue looking stylishly snappy after your hair is done. Treat yourself this year with a hug from a Bound to be Creative fleece neck warmer. So soft and adds warmth to any wardrobe. Three toggle buttons are adorned with genuine leather lace, simply loop the toggle buttons in the leather lace loops and off to the races!

· with your winter coat
· in the house with a soft long sleeve shirt
· wear with confidence knowing you'll stay stylishly warm!
· with a vest and a cute hat

With the Bound tag to the back of your neck and at the bottom of the scarf lay the neck wrap around your neck sorta snuggly. With both ends now in front of you, place the toggle buttons on top of the other side and match up the three toggle buttons with the three leather loops from the other end of the scarf.

Unique, warm and comfortable
Handmade with with anti-pill fleece
Stitched with the utmost quality and care
Stay stylishly warm
Leather loop with wooden toggle button to secure
Perfect gift from your husband (wink, wink)
Perfect gift for mom, sisters and friends!

Thank you for supporting small handmade business.
All products made by Bound to be Creative in Minnesota

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