Frequently Asked Questions for Bound to be Creative handmade hats

Hello! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about my handmade hats! 

Do you make custom hats?  
Short answer is YES I can customize an existing hat style of mine to make bigger or smaller for you.  For example: you have a large head size and want one of my hats - yes, I can bump up the size to fit your beautiful large head.  If you love one of my hats after trying it on and while having a conversation with me perhaps it may need some adjustments - then YES, I'd be happy to customize it for you.  

FYI: If you're around the area of Lake City, MN please stop by SHOP·TIQUE or my home in St. Charles, MN and we can set you up with something in unique colors that you love!
Do you make your cute hats for my giant noggin?
You bet I can!  Simply email me and we can chat about what style is best and how to accommodate your needs. Email me here:   


Can you make your cute hats for my tiny head?
Yes!  Simply email me and we can chat about what style is best and how to accommodate your needs. Email me here:


How do I measure my head?
I encourage all shoppers to measure their heads if possible before ordering. Wrap a flexible measure tape/string around from the just above eye brows to over ears (not above ears) and to the back of your head about to your hair line ends in back of head. Mark with your finger the measurement or measure the string with your ruler. See HOW TO MEASURE MY HEAD page for a visual on where the tape should go.

If you still have questions about fitting your hat, get in touch! I'm happy to work with you to come up with a plan that fits best.


Can my hat be washed?  
Yes! All my fabric is prewashed.  All but my wool hats can be washed in cold, gentle cycle and is recommended to air dry flat or line dry.  A light iron is encouraged after the wash, DO NOT iron the Bound to be Creative label and DO NOT IRON FLEECE HATS.

Can I iron my fabric reversible hat?  
Yes! How to: grab the back of the hat lightly with brim gently touching the ironing board.  Iron the brim and band. Do not iron tag.


Can I wash my FLEECE hat?  
YES! Wash in cold and either line dry or dry on low


Can I wash my HIP Mini?  
Yes! Simply throw in a wash bag or pillow case and wash on cold, gentle cycle and lightly iron. Again, do not iron label.

What if my order is a gift?  

Send me note confirming that this is to be delivered to the desired address.  I gift wrap in tissue paper and can place a special note in the package and will not send an invoice with the gift.

Do you accept exchanges if my hat doesn't fit right?  
Yes. Please see Returns and Refunds page HERE.

If you have further questions that are not addressed, please send me an email at


How do I become a hat person?  
Finding a handmade hat that gives you the "I'm awesome" vibes when you look in the mirror is where it starts!  Becoming a hat person starts from finding the hat that gives you awesome vibes, functionality and a hat that you can see yourself wearing all the time.  A hat that serves a purpose, even if it's to look snappy at card club, begins with confidence and being comfortable with how a hat looks on you.  Bound hats are cute, functional and comfortable all day long! 

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How do I know which hat would look best on me?  
I, your resident hat expert of 15+ years will assist!  Do you have short hair, medium length hair or long hair?  I wrote about the different hat styles for which hair length that will get you started, find it HERE.  I also encourage signing up for my newsletter so you can get your FREE Face Shape Guide in getting to know your face shape! Sign up HERE!


Thank you!