Personalized Hanging Hearts

Let's get personal.

Featuring hanging hearts with an added personal touch...from you.

You provide me with a name at checkout and I stamp it on leather for you.  Show your mom, sister, auntie, teacher, kiddo, BFF, even hubby that you care with their name on it -OR- get creative with "be mine" or "baby cakes" or "tootsie bobo", etc. No judgements - but I trust ya'll will keep it clean. 

Limited number of hearts available! 


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personalized hearts for Valentine's Day


You've got someone on your heart and they need...

  • gentle encouragement 
  • a whisper of hope
  • to know someone cares
  • a fresh perspective
  • a forever message

Features ♥ Benefits

  • Adorable
  • Subtle
  • Soft
  • Handmade
  • Quality
  • Made with experienced hands
  • Upcycled with fabric scraps
  • Sweet addition to any room
  • Great for new baby, college student, teen, tween, grandparent, grandkid, heck...your realtor may even like one!


valentine heart decor













From one hat (& heart) lover to another...

Bound to be Creative® hats are more than just hats, they’re a creative and personal connection to your unique personality and one of a kind style. Created, designed and sewn by me with intention, purpose and trust. Your custom handmade hat not only encourages you to express yourself with confidence but sends a message of “I CAN wear hats!”. From one hat lover to the other I'll help you find a hat that you’ll wear, a hat that’s a comfortable fit for your head, and a hat that nudges you to be your best self with the wardrobe you already have. Purposefully handmade in St. Charles and Lake City, Minnesota.



Bound to be...excited to bring this NEW Fleece Hat to you!