iPhone HIP Mini Bag, The HIP Mini, Custom Colors

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"This was a birthday present for my sister. And my sister loves it. Thanks!" - Yvette, CA


HIP Mini Travel Purse
Your choice of fabrics! Inside will be made with coordinating fabrics that I choose for you...trust me - it'll be adorable!
Please contact me if you'd like a solid color canvas as the lead photos shows
5-10 days processing time

Take this HIP Mini with you when you want to travel light. Summer at the beach - got so much easier to bring your phone with!  How about a baseball game, an outing with friends for brunch, to that yoga class, or vintage treasuring hunting? This HIP Mini will do the trick and you'll feel stylish wearing it. Due to it's slender design this HIP Mini will gently hug next to your body without the bulk. You can tuck this under your jacket to keep hidden when traveling, just a thought. The adjustable cross-body strap is designed with you in mind. Carry your phone, small eyewear, some cash, work badge, and it will even hold those little extras us ladies need. 

Please note: Straps are no longer made with the same fabric as the purse - they will be made with a strap as the photo shows in a coordinating color.

  • you can stop looking for that perfect purse
  • lightweight for less bulk
  • a snazzy color encourages confidence
  • less choices for your next travel adventures
  • you can have your phone with you at all times without the carrying your phone in your jeans pocket
  • your choice of colors!

lawn mowing
traveling light
athletic games

you can find your phone when it's ringing
be unique and choose your own color
simplifies your life when you're heading out the door
your phone is handy when you want it to be handy

- 7 inches (17.78 cm) x 5-1/2 inches (14 cm) approximately when closed
- Adjustable strap: shortest length about 32 inches (79 cm), longest is about 57 inches (132 cm)
- 1" strap width


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