Sister Newsboy Hat - NEW COLORS!


Boost your timeless style...

with cute hat colors in a snap

Are ya struggling with...

  • quick and cute fashion?
  • wanting to look put together at your grand-daughters soccer game?
  • needing a pick-me-up on crappy days?
  • finding comfortable & adorable hats in your size?
  • choosing colors for your style?
Might as well spin the ol' fashion wheel and throw on whatever, right?


The typical response to wanting to look cute is to grab the whatever on your rack and give the "I don't care" eye role in your mirror.


What if you could throw on something cute and accessorize your outfit instantly? What if you knew exactly what to accessorize with and walk out the door with confidence?

  • stop thinking that you don't have style
  • stop glancing in the mirror with an eye-roll
  • stop stressing about what to accessorize with

There is a quick and timeless accessory that allows you to sidestep the OVER thinking fashion train

....and this timeless accessory is available to you if you're ready to confidently walk out the door knowing you've complimented your awesome style! How?

    Discover the adorable and timeless curated colors of soft corduroy reversed with a double brushed flannel. Choose from four different adorable combos and your size. 



    hats for women

    This limited supply of the new color combos have never been curated before - so that makes them extra special. 

    hat for women


    In Her Own Words


    "I Love It! This hat is super well made, true to size and beautiful fabrics."

    - Tana, WA


    "Cutest hat!! I love corduroy and its so great that it’s reversible! My hair fits underneath too, which is a plus. Couldn’t be happier and the packaging was thoughtful and personal as well. A great pick-me-up and will become my fall staple!"

    - Ellen, DC


    "This is the cutest hat EVER!! It is adorable,well made and REVERSIBLE!!! Seriously, just buy one. You will not be sorry. One of a kind, AMAZING!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

    - Jan, MN



    Embracing the NEW Colors of the Sister Newsboy Hat takes the guess work out of choosing colors. It'll help you comfortably and fashionably get out the door with confidence, compliment your style quickly, and help boost your mood on frumpy days!

    I carefully curated these new colors so you can get on with your life and not have to think about what would look good together. Your time is precious and you need a timeless look yesterday.




    From one hat lover to another...

    Bound to be Creative® hats are more than just hats, they’re a creative and personal connection to your unique personality and one of a kind style. Created, designed and sewn by me with intention, purpose and trust. Your custom handmade hat not only encourages you to express yourself with confidence but sends a message of “I CAN wear hats!”. From one hat lover to the other I'll help you find a hat that you’ll wear, a hat that’s a comfortable fit for your head, and a hat that nudges you to be your best self with the wardrobe you already have. Purposefully handmade in St. Charles and Lake City, Minnesota.




    Bound to be...excited to see which color you love!!